26 October 2011

some random topic

We were counting days to finished up our internship right now. And we have not had much time to meet up and spent time together like before. Somehow, she do text me, and i didn't reply and that is exactly what i did. And last few weeks, we decided to meet and spent our weekend time together like we used to. Sat, talked about random topics, sleep on the same bed, and had a lot of fun togetherness on the day after.

So lets talk about friend.

They are whom we can count on.
They will be there for us through thick or thin.

The truth is, not many people can say that they have more than five at least true friends. Honestly, friend who will do the things for me and not expect anything in return was the best friend of me.

**but could i do the same ?

Im not to say that she or he or them will be my best friend, but the fact is anyone who will be there, when we need a shoulder, who will support us when we were down, staying by your side, are the realfriend. (even only for that time)

So for me, it was hard to find the right one because me myself couldn't be a real good best friend.

got it ?

but i am blessed to have friends like all of you, around my world.