14 August 2011

Twelve wishlist

Let's talk about 12 THINGS (yang secara logiknya) I wish to do in my life. and some of these done.

  1. have a BESTfriend like a real one (done)
  2. got a kind boyfriend that I most respected and appreciated (done)
  3. graduate successfully and easily finding a job (one years to go perhaps)
  4. having my own vehicle (only have my white wave, not yet for a car. so when i'll have one, i'll get a Hyundai Getz) ;pretty please -_-"
  5. cross a country using only public transportation
  6. go kart or white water rafting with friends
  7. buy something by my own money which cost thousand above. (yeah rewarding myself; my so loved-blackberry and white wave)
  8. make him stop smoking for good
  9. scuba diving (only snorkeling done ; snorkeling with baby shark -_-")
  10. marrying supportive and lovely husband
  11. to have winter season with future husband. (omg loong night and short days)
  12. bring my lovely parents go to Makkah

.. and my life will be PERFECT !