24 August 2011

Update at office

I was attempting hard to finish all my work which is due on last Tuesday. Now finally, i have made it and decided to give myself a break. lol

Actually, I've been waiting to get it done earlier, because I want to relax. you know? RELAX after went back from Seremban II to do audit there. thumbs up to myself -___-

It's seems kind of reward to myself for being free ---> downloading +facebooking ! what more fun and productive than online and use the office wifi while hearing lagu raya. My current hobby i tell you

Now, I downloading KTB drama on Astro Al-Hijrah and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (part 2) for my lovely boy.

Oklah, want to watch episode 11 and 12. till we meet again my blog !

*tomorrow will go home and meet MOST HANDSOME BOYFRIEND ever. *capslock disitu